2 Reasons to Install a Residential Rack System

November 16, 2021

Having a home audio/video system enhances your home in many ways. With today’s modern wireless and hardwired technologies, you can automate just about any technology in your home and control it from an app on a smartphone, device, or remote. You no longer have to keep individual components right at the source in each room causing clutter, you can keep them all in one location in a centrally located equipment rack that is easily hidden away. Unsure if you should have a residential audio/video equipment rack professionally installed in your home? Below, we take a closer look at 2 reasons to install a residential rack system.

  1. Declutter & Streamline Your Interior Design

Who wants to see wires hanging or electronics stacked on top of each other in a beautifully designed room? Nobody. You have spent time carefully choosing your home’s decor and the last thing you want is to have unsightly electronic equipment cluttering things and becoming an eyesore. A central rack allows you to conceal your equipment in one location and keep wires hidden so that all you see is a well-designed room.

  1. Ease of Use

Keeping all of your home’s audio/video equipment installed and centrally located in a rack makes using your equipment far easier to use. This is because all of the equipment will be professionally integrated into a home automation system that is user-friendly and easily controlled from your smartphone, device, or remote. No more searching rooms for remotes or trying to figure out what input to put the TV on to watch a movie – all of your equipment will be easy to use!


How to choose a rack system?


There are many kinds of residential rack systems available on the market. When homeowners are trying to decide which rack system will best suit their home, they have to keep the following considerations in mind. Physical dimensions


The first factor that needs to be considered is the physical dimensions of a rack system. Some options may prove too bulky or heavy for a space. While others are designed to fit under the floor. Nevertheless, make sure to assess the layout of the living space and compare that with the physical dimensions of a rack system. Moreover, focus on the practical solutions of an equipment to organize optimally. Size


Choosing a rack system with adequate internal space for planned future expansions is vital. In addition to audiovisual systems, people also need to organize their devices, sensors, and batteries in the rack. Hence, the size of the product becomes a crucial consideration to avoid any hassles later. Access points


The access point of every equipment is different. There are devices with only front access or hybrid access points. People should check their devices to find the type of access points and manage their equipment properly. Moreover, it is also essential to verify that the rack system has enough access points. Ventilation


Similar to every other equipment, audiovisual systems also require proper ventilation. The chosen rack system should keep the equipment cool in any situation. People should consider the airflow of these systems and ensure that they can manage ventilation properly. These can keep the systems cool. Power distribution

As a known fact, all AV systems require power to function. Depending on the number of devices, people must choose rack systems with enough power outlets. They also need to consider the distance between the rack and the power outlet. Some modern system offer features like individual outlet control for better functionality. What are the tips for installing rack systems?


Before starting any installation projects, people should take a look at their inventory. They need the right tools to perform the installation. If necessary, one can even hire expert installation services. The professionals are equipped with the right tools necessary for this job.

If one is inexperienced in installing electronics, they should consult with professionals like contractors, electricians, and carpenters. Asking them for recommendations will avoid any costly mistakes that may affect the budget. Moreover, professionals can provide suggestions for the post-installation measures.


Lastly, cable management is vital to avoid any hassles during installation. People can use Velcro-based hooks or loops to manage their network or home theater components. These cable management measures also helps to ensure proper ventilation for devices and avoid any overload on the equipment. Following these tips will help any person to complete rack installation with ease.

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