Flexible Home Entertainment with Residential Video Distribution

December 17, 2021

Video distribution may sound like something reserved for a big business or hotel but video distribution can transform the way you enjoy entertainment in your home! Residential video distribution allows you to centralize all of your audio/video equipment in one location – often an A/V rack hidden in a closest or other location – and send a single video source or multiple video sources throughout your home.


Video distribution is completely scalable based on your needs and preferences. Whether you have a household full of family with diverse viewing preferences or you just like to have a little flexibility with your entertainment without the clutter and cost of having separate audio/video components in each room, video distribution can be customized to your lifestyle. Hide the clutter of cords and bulky video components away. With professional design and installation, you can control the video source in any room from one app in your smartphone, on your smart device, or on one remote control at the touch of a single button.


Video distribution allows you to watch the big game in one room, while your teenage daughter binges the latest Netflix release, your son watches a superhero movie, and your wife catches up on her favorite shows, simultaneously without the need for individual components in each room. All video sources are centrally located in one hub and distributed throughout the home wirelessly, with hard wiring, or with a combination of both. Additionally, when your video distribution system is installed, video quality is never sacrificed because the optimal components and types of wiring are used to maintain excellent video quality and streaming speed. Make your home entertainment flexible and keep your interior design looking its best with professionally installed residential video distribution.

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