Residential Surveillance Have Advanced Features

December 13, 2021

For decades, surveillance cameras have been a staple of both commercial and residential security systems. Often, simply the presence of surveillance cameras is enough to deter a crime. And, while that is important and useful, surveillance camera technology has dramatically improved in recent years and they have many more uses than crime deterrence. No matter what your home security needs are, residential surveillance cameras are an excellent addition to any home security system.


Modern surveillance cameras have many robust features including motion sensors that only start recording when motion is detected, automated alerts sent right to your phone or smart device, integration into your home automation for programmed recording times, high-quality HD video and images, viewing angle options such as wide or narrow, the ability to rotate the camera, two-way communication so you can talk to a person near the camera, and even low-light or infrared modes.


Surveillance has never been more clear, convenient, or effective than with today’s technology. Have peace of mind that you can have eyes on your house at any time, no matter where you are in the world and that you will be able to clearly see what is happening in real-time. State-of-the-art surveillance cameras are technologically advanced and can be integrated with home automation so that you can easily operate and monitor all home technology for one central hub.

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