What is a Connected Home?

December 8, 2021

Your home may be modern, it may even contain a variety of smart technology, but is it truly a connected home? Today, a connected home is an automated home and that means that you can access and/or control all over your technology from anywhere in your home, on your property, and even when you are away from home. Lifewire describes what exactly a connected home is, “Modern connected home devices use wireless network protocols to communicate with each other…Mobile phone/tablet apps are commonly used to remotely control connected home gadgets through the home network. Newer smart assistants act as a hub and allow you to control multiple products from your PC…Via electronic sensors, connected homes are capable of monitoring environmental conditions including lighting, temperature and motion.” Needless to say, connected homes are not simple to design and program but once done correctly, they will make your life much easier!


You are likely paying for high-speed internet but with a connected home you can take full advantage of that high-speed internet throughout your home. You can integrate virtually all of your home technology in your connected home via a wireless and/or wired network. Controlling all of your technology takes place in one central hub so you never have to search for a remote control or waste time going room to room, your ability to use and control your technology seamlessly travels with you wherever you go in your home or backyard. It is important to work with an experienced and knowledgeable professional connected home installer to ensure your system is designed and programmed correctly, is scalable, and is easy to use.

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