Well—now that you're here, we can
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Below you’ll find helpful information, instructions and contact info regarding your project from start to finish!

We are so excited to welcome you to the Oasis Luxury Smart Home family. We are thrilled that you’re trusting us with your project and it is our pleasure to serve you. Here is some helpful information to get you started.

Helpful info just for you...


If you do not already have a confirmed installation date, your system designer will soon be in contact with you as soon as they gather all necessary information needed to schedule your project (e.g. product arrival timelines and technician availabilities).

Once your installation is scheduled, they will provide you with the name of your technician or project manager (subject to job size and scope). Please allow your designer 1-2 business days upon receipt of this email to reach out to complete the scheduling process.

Day of Install

Your technician will arrive within the time window provided to you upon scheduling your installation. Should an event occur that changes the ETA, they will contact you directly.

We strongly recommend you are available at your tech’s time of arrival to walk through the project with them. We highly recommend you use this time to become familiar with the project and be sure to discuss with them any new or lingering questions you may have.

After the initial walkthrough is complete, you will be asked to fill out a password log – this will be used to collect and create login information for any accounts we may set up or need access to (e.g. Netflix, Apple, Roku, Wi-Fi network) to complete your installation.

**Please inform your designer if you will not be present for the initial walkthrough. To ensure a seamless installation, it is essential to collect your login data PRIOR to setting up your system. **

Order Changes + Additions

We understand changes happen and we are eager to accommodate any changes in your personal needs or modifications to your system’s design during the installation process.

Typically, any add/change requests made during an ongoing project that may increase the job cost will be provided to you on a separate estimate. An additional deposit will be required for any additional orders totaling over $1,000.

Pending approval of add/changes, we will update the job scope to meet the revised needs. In the event the updated scope extends beyond the initial time allotted, additional time will be scheduled to complete the install.

** Please note, additional scheduling is based upon job-specific needs, nature of scope, and calendar availability. **

System Orientation

As we near the completion of your install, you will be contacted to confirm a date and time for your new system orientation.

During this walk through, you will be provided detailed instructions to familiarize yourself with your system: how to operate, functionality review, and troubleshooting advice (e.g rebooting your cable box).

** If you participate, we will also review how you will utilize our 24/7 remote support service at this time.

Ongoing Service

Oasis Luxury Smart Homes has a dedicated in-house service team available during business hours to provide remote support, reboots and onsite visits as needed.

** If you require on-demand support, we also offer a 24/7/365 remote call and text line for $50/month – learn more HERE! **