Your Home Needs Smart Window Shades

November 19, 2021

With all the modern technologies we have today, operating your home should not be labor-intensive or difficult because most of our home technologies can be automated. Your home’s window shades are no exception, there are many smart window shades today that are easy to use and seamlessly integrate into your home automation system.


Smart window shades offer a number of energy efficiency, safety, and convenience benefits to homeowners with any amount of windows. Once installed, your automated window shades can be programmed to open and close at pre-set times, or to predetermined amounts for specific scenarios (for example, daytime, evening, entertaining, etc.), or can be controlled at the touch of a button right from your smartphone, device, or remote. This obviously improves your home’s energy efficiency because it controls how much heat gain your home experiences and may cut down on how much air conditioning you use. Additionally, the controls make it simple to adjust your window shades all at once or individually.


Many people often overlook the safety advantage of installing smart window shades but it should not be discounted. Traditional hanging cords used to adjust window shades are a safety hazard for young children because they can get tangled in them. Additionally, if someone in the household has mobility issues, this will allow them to control window shades without ever getting up. Because smart window shades are controlled in an app, they can also be adjusted at any time from anywhere in the world. So, while smart window shades are a luxury they are also a way to add value to your home, improve safety and energy efficiency, and make operating your home more convenient!


Why should you invest in smart window shades?


Many homeowners are considering replacing their traditional window coverings with smart window shades. These installations offer them many benefits, such as:


Motorized smart shades ensure an optimal level of convenience. Many people find it difficult to manually close and open each window a home, especially if there are many. This can prove to be a real hassle in the long run. Automatic roller blinds can be controlled with a dedicated remote. Moreover, individuals can also integrate them with Alexa or Google Assistant for voice control.

Automating window shades significantly improves the overall security of the home. It is an effective to block out the view of intruders and give an appearance of someone being at home. As a result, individuals can drastically avoid any attempts of burglary or theft, moreover, they can even position the lights for better security.


Heat blocking becomes vital during summer climates, as homeowners look to maintain ideal indoor temperature. Fully-motorized window shades are the perfect solution for blackout capabilities. People can remote control their windows to close automatically and promptly prepare the interiors for their visit.


The most important benefit of smart window shades is that it helps to save energy. One look to maximize the energy efficiency of their home should invest in these blinds. People can program their shades to open or close based on the hour of the day. This ensures simply blocking or allowing the sunlight into the room.


How to install smart window shades?


Once the decision has been made, people should now focus on installing smart window shades on their home. They should hire professionals for this task, because DIY may not prove ideal for every situation.


First, one needs to consider the interior layout of the house. Smart window coverings are an excellent option when there are lot of sunlight coming in through the openings. Therefore, think about the movement of sun and focus on these places. This helps to cover optimally and save energy in the process.


Next, choose from the different styles and sizes of smart blinds available. The key lies in finding the covering that is perfect for the interiors. The ideal installation may vary in some cases, but custom blinds offer great flexibility for homeowners, so that they can expand later in the future. Flexibility is one of the overlooked advantages of opting for smart blinds.


Most smart window shades are not complicated to install. However, it is best to seek professional help to avoid any hassles. In any device, there will be a built-in battery that is used to power the motor and for charging. There will also be a USB connector that needs to be installed with the window covering. The integration is the final phase in this installation process.

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