Oasis Luxury Smart Homes is one of the few local companies to offer true “One Stop Shopping” for home technology and Electrical Contracting.


Electrical & Lighting

Commercial and Residential Services


Oasis is a Licensed Electrical Contractor in both Arizona and California and we know our stuff. Utilize Oasis for small jobs like adding electrical outlets for your TVs, or large project like designing, wiring and implementing all your high voltage needs in your 10,000 sq ft home, and anything in between. Oasis is where experts from the high voltage and the low voltage sides come together to make our clients experience a quality one.

Lighting Control

Lights are an essential in every house and this makes them a good choice for automation. The integration of your lighting into one of our control systems makes controlling your home even easier.

The Control System

Lighting control systems are energy efficient and eco-friendly. By using automatic dimming, programmable switches, and timed lighting scenes, our lighting control systems help extend bulb life and reduce carbon footprints.   

Benefits Of Lighting Control

Our Control Systems can be wired or wireless. Wireless control systems are more cost effective, however the reliability and instant feedback presented by a wired system is simply unmatched. 

Installation Options

Lighting control is one of those things you didn’t realize you needed until you have it. Besides the fact that you can save energy by slightingly dimming your lights, or having certain lights set on timers, lighting control is definitely making your life easier. Instead of walking to three different areas in one room to get the lights set to just the right brightness, you can simply press one button to a preset “scene” when you enter the room and it will adjust the lights in the entire home. If a lighting control system is designed and programmed properly, then it can be one of the best investments in your home.

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New Construction

Oasis Luxury Smart Home’s is both a licensed Low Voltage and Electrical Contractor. We CARE about our clients home and take pride in our work. No job too small and no job to complex. We can wire your home based on your architects plans, or we can help design well-being lighting control system and back up generators that make sure your family lives a quality and protected life!

Licensed Contractor

When you are in the process of building a new home, one of the most important aspects of a livable and enjoyable home is proper electrical wiring. During the process of building, it is important to think about current and potential future electrical needs. At Oasis Smart Homes, we have the experience, training, and knowledge necessary to help you determine your electrical wiring needs.

Structured Wiring

Quality Contractor that Cares!


We will determine the potential electrical load and anticipate the growing electrical demands of modern technology to design a custom electrical wiring system to provide reliable and effective electrical service. 

Determining Your Needs

Quality Contractor that Cares!

By anticipating your needs, our team of highly trained, experienced, and knowledgeable technicians will ensure every room has the electrical outlets and switches needed for convenience and efficiency. Further, we will ensure that your electrical system meets all regulations and codes for optimal safety and compliance. At Oasis Smart Homes, our team is ready and excited to provide you with outstanding electrical design services for your next project!

Convenient Design

Lighting Design

The more we learn about the impact of various lighting types on humans, the more we know just how important residential lighting design really is. As humans, we experience lighting differently at various times of day, for various activities, and various moods. Careful and attentive lighting design from Oasis will ensure that your lighting design is energy-efficient and integrated into your home automation for an optimal experience.

Importance of Design

Residential lighting design that accounts for your circadian rhythm will further enhance your experience in your home. Sophisticated residential lighting options take into account the circadian rhythm for better health and wellness including optimal focus for activities or improved sleep for those that just want better sleep or that suffer from sleep disorders.

Circadian Rhythm 

Residential lighting design is a critical component of any home’s overall design. There is far more to lighting design than choosing light fixtures and where they will go. Professional lighting design can elevate a home’s architectural and interior design while increasing visibility, safety, energy efficiency, and ease-of-use.