There is nothing more moving then hearing all of the emotion and fidelity that the original artist created, experience this and more with true Hi-Fi Audio from Meridian’s MQA Audio


HiFi Audio

Enrich Your Listening Experience

listen like never before

At Oasis, perfection matters when it comes to Hi-Fi Audio and reproducing music. To gain the level of quality the original artist created we make sure the entire signal chain is superb, the original source, preamplifier, cables, amplifiers and speakers all have the ability shape your sound and the fine details matter! For the sources on the analog side, we carry some of the finest turntables including Pro-Ject, Thorens and McIntosh, and in the digital world we specialize in Hi-Res sources like Meridian’s MQA which will truly bring the original “Master Track” out of the recording. When you come in to a demo, you will hear details in recordings you have listened to hundreds of times that you’ve never heard before. Oasis Luxury Smart Homes is the longest standing McIntosh Showroom in California and when paired with Vandersteen, Meridian, Golden Ear or one of our many other speaker options, you truly gain a quality and experience you have never heard before. Click the schedule now link above and schedule a personal demo in our showroom today!

Hifi Speakers

McIntosh, Vandersteen, Golden Ear, Devialet, Meridian, Pardigm, Origin Acoustics, Sonance, Martin Logan are just a few of the many high quality speaker manufactures that not only do we carry, but we know all of the specifications of. If you come into our showroom we can educate you on the differences and advantages of each. We can help you find the best fit for your listening needs and genres, as well as which might match best with your existing equipment. For the best in Orange County Hi-Fi Audio, come in and take a listen!

Hifi Amps & Pre-Amps

The equipment in many ways is more important then the actual speaker. Tube amps can significantly add warmth to the overall sound and a quality preamp can add depth that you wouldn’t know you were missing until you hear it. McIntosh is a brand who has built a stellar reputation for reproducing sound as close to the original artist intended as possible, and some of our favorite cabling lines like AudioQuest make sure the power, line level signals and speaker level are not degraded at all along the way. Oasis Luxury Smart Homes not only provides knowledge and superior service on name brands that we feature in our certified showroom, you will also find treats on display from local California manufactures like VTL and Primaluna.

Because of our expertise in the Custom AV industry, Digital Media is an area that Oasis Luxury Smart Homes really shines. With all the new formats out there, you can now actually listen to your favorite song in a format that is as good or even in some cased better then vinyl and analog. MQA was developed my Meridian (the sames people who developed the popular Flac that Apple uses), with MQA you truly get the original “Master Track” like it is playing on the studio speakers during mixdown. It doesn’t get much better, and at Oasis Luxury Smart Homes we have a great way of integrating MQA into easy to use interfaces so you spend more time enjoying your music then trying to get your songs playing.

Digital Media