You can enjoy your favorite tunes inside or outside. Weather you’re in the yard or on the patio, in the living room or the kitchen: Listen to your audio in a seamless, whole-home system.


Whole-Home Audio

Outstanding Music In Every Room


Imagine relaxing with a book on the back deck of your house. If only you could have a bit of background music playing. Or perhaps you have to clean the living room, and background music would make the scrubbing and vacuuming go faster. Just one problem: You don’t have speakers in the living room, much less outside. This is actually a fun problem to solve! We have whole house audio system speakers that give you background music in every room of your house as well as outside. The sound is crystal-clear, and the speakers are hidden behind the wall so that they’re invisible. Now you can relax or entertain in style anytime, anywhere.

It used to be that only the wealthy could afford whole house audio systems and accessories such as wireless music adapters. How times have changed. Now there is an immense amount of product variety, and even inexpensive, lower-end systems deliver great results. Your audio system will be either single source or multi source. With multi source, you can get different music coming from different locations. With single source, you can configure multiple rooms but only the same music can play.

Affordable Solutions

Your audio system should probably be multi-source so you can have different music in each room and so you don’t need to strain to hear music from a location farther away in the house. Of course, you might do OK with a single-source system if you need just one amplifier (like if you live alone and spend most of your time in one area of the house). The three main considerations that go into single-source vs. multi are the number of people living in the house, their music preferences and which rooms you want music in/how close the rooms are to one another.


Your whole home audio system can be as simple or as advanced as you would like. You can opt for a wireless solution or for a system that uses network wiring. Either way, we recommend professional installation because it’s critical to get the sound quality right. However, you should definitely opt for professional installation if you are getting an advanced and/or hard-wired system.

Professional Installation