A quality Home Theater System can completely change the experience of your favorite movie or even when binge watching your favorite 4K Netflix series.


Home Theater & Media Rooms

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At Oasis Luxury Smart Homes we specialize in designing the best experience for your Home Theater or Media Room. This takes into account room acoustics, aesthetics, layout and of course audio and video systems. We can work with you and any contractor or designer you partner with to create the ultimate experience. We can design a detailed layout and rendering to help you visualize what the end result will be. Our expertise in the latest technologies will make sure that you have stellar sound and picture and your Media or Theater room will surely be one of the favorite rooms in your home.

Audio/visual calibration involves fine-tuning the video processor in your television and sharpening the sound issued by your audio system, to levels that perfectly match the acoustics and the visual dispersion in your room. This generally involves test equipment for each system, used to produce the crispest color from your television, and the sharpest sound from your audio system. Since A/V equipment is rarely factory-set to optimum levels for the environment they will reside in, audio/visual calibration can be extremely beneficial for equipment, and thus for the people watching and listening.

AV Calibration

From homes small to large, old to new, Control4 delivers a scalable power and performance system on one platform that coordinates the technology in your home into complete, brilliant experiences—interactions that fit your lifestyle and are easy for your family to enjoy. No longer should you struggle with operating your system. We will configure your system to be easy to operate, things like direct access to Netflix or Youtube TV, and custom programming to show multiple football games on one screen are just a few of the features we typically include in our design.

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