there is a lot more to a surround sound system then just hooking it up and cranking it up. Allow Oasis to be your surround sound experts.


Surround Sound

Theater Quality Surround Sound


Surround sound can be great. Of course, you must nail the installation of a surround sound system, and not everyone does. That’s partly because people get so excited (understandably!) about a new system that they rush to install it themselves. In the process, they skip important considerations about room acoustics, speaker placement and even whether they have the correct equipment. At Oasis Luxury Smart Homes, we focus on quality installation for a flawless entertainment experience. Trust us—surround sound really does have the potential to be a lot better than your friend’s self-installed system indicates.

You can have a wired or wireless surround sound system. Either way, professional installers take the time to assess your home, the acoustics and the optimal placement of the TV and speakers. They may recommend as many as five speakers: a central channel speaker, two large speakers and two small ones. If you opt for a wired system, our installers are experts in structured wiring. This allows for a seamless experience. 

Professional Installation

Surround sound, especially when combined with a quality big-screen TV, can give you a movie theater experience right in the comfort of your home. Also, if you enjoy playing video games, surround sound can take the playing experience to the next level. Let your entertainment systems show you exactly what it is capable of.

Benefits Of Surround Sound